Six Months!

Today is my six-month heart anniversary. Six months ago today my ASD was closed via cardiac┬ácatheterization. It’s amazing to think back to those first few weeks, how sick and scared I felt, and compare them to now. I have so much more energy than I’ve ever had! I’ve moved over the last two weeks (mostly on my own) and I’ve started a new job, and while I am tired, I would not have been able to accomplish all this in the past without crashing, both physically and mentally.

I had a followup appointment with Dr. D on Monday and he reviewed my last echo with me. All good news! My heart has returned to regular size and all looks good. I have no restrictions in terms of activity. The arrhythmia has vanished and the chest pain is very infrequent. I get palpitations from time to time, but that’s completely normal. I still have to take Aspirin everyday but I stopped Plavix three months ago. Overall, I’m doing great! My next echo and cardiac checkup will be a year from now. I am so grateful ­čÖé