Holter Monitor

On Tuesday/Wednesday I did my first Holter Monitor test. I went to hospital (ERH) at 2pm and they hooked me up to the device and sent me on my way. I kept a diary of any events that occurred and noted the time they happened. I had chest pain and shortness of breath while walking, heart flutters, I woke up gasping for breath three times that night, and my pulse was rather low the following day (43.) Sleeping was a bit rough because I think I was subconsciously worried that I would pull one of the leads off, so I had a rather restless night. Other than that, it was rather uneventful. Now I have a week of nothing planned (still off work!) and then the following week the assessments start:

  • July 24- appointment with Interventional Cardiologist, aka Cardiologist #2, for check-up and so I can receive the results of the Holter Monitor test
  • July 26- appointment with regular Cardiologist for follow-up
  • July 27- appointment with GP for functional assessment so she can clear me for work!