Urgent Referral?

Okay, now I'm scared. All was well in the world, as I worked away today, until I went on my break and checked my phone for messages. I had a voicemail from my GP saying to call back today to confirm an appointment with my specialist. My specialist? Say what? So I called my GP, confused, and was told that I had been urgently referred to a cardiologist! The receptionist wouldn't tell me anything about my "condition," just that I needed to call the cardiologist's office today to confirm my appointment. So I called the cardiologist's office and told them my name, "Oh, right, you're the urgent one." What??? Why am I urgent? And why on earth am I being referred to a cardiologist in the first place? I'm a…
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The Beginning

Today I had my first echocardiogram. I wasn't having any heart problems, nothing of the sort. I had been getting the veins fixed in one of my legs and in order to continue with schlerotherapy treatment- basically injecting foam into my veins so they stick closed and no longer bulge- I had to get an echo done to make sure my heart was in tip-top shape. I found the procedure fascinating! I admit, I'm an ER/Grey's Anatomy junkie, so anything medical intrigues me. I had never been hooked up to an ECG before, so monitoring my heart rate, (and noticing how nervous I was!) was quite interesting. I also thought it was really neat watching the screen and seeing the blotches of blue and red slosh through my heart. It…
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